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Have you ever shopped at IKEA? Yes, of course you have. That means you've spent hours with an Allen key, and your blood, swear and tears. The result? Furniture that you are damn proud of.

The Ikea Effect - which is well-profiled by social psychologists and has been analyzed by the Harvard Business Review - is the tendency to value something more because you made it. So why is that relevant when you're putting together your application?


I get this question fairly frequently. After all - the leadership essay is optional, right?



Always write one.


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As a student, I was a big fan of Management Consulted. They had a ton of free articles, great advice, and products that were absolutely worth buying. Their list of 'featured posts' covered everything you needed to know, and with Kevin Gao's permission, I reprinted some of his articles on CV and CL writing for the 'Consulting Booklet'. In fact, his work is featured heavily in our 'Expert Blog Content' section. 

Over the past couple of months, I noticed a shift towards much more sensationalist titles ("discover a hidden resource to supercharge your way into the management consulting world"), in-your-face advertising of their bootcamps, and the publication of low-value, high-cost e-books such as 'The Networking Bible' ($95 for people's contacts? Really?).

Here's the thing, though: Kevin no longer runs the site. As of May of 2012, someone else is running the site. This explains the drop in the type of content that shows up on the site, and the comments that I've received from students about it. 

I still think the site is a great resource, and the content posted over the past few years is very valuable. Just take everything that's posted from now on with a grain of salt, and think twice before purchasing any of their new materials. In an upcoming post, I'll simply give you the e-mail format for all the major consulting firms. No need to pay me $95 for the privilege ;)

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A number of students outside of the typical Finance & Accounting degrees will face the same question from a resume reviewer: do you have the quant skills needed to succeed as a consultant? Read through to learn a little bit more about what you need to do to prove your math smarts.

As a consultant, attention to detail is critical. Don't mess up your chances with one of these simple mistakes:

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At McGill, our management faculty is large enough that a few scandals can go forgotten from one year to the next. Unfortunately, at schools like Queen's or Ivey, these stories stick around for a lot longer. Here's one from the shared memory about mass mailings.

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Your application is comprised of 3 documents - your resume, your cover letter, and your unofficial transcript. These are your only representation, and so you need to make sure that each and every one of these documents represents you in the best light possible. You don't have control over your transcript (beyond doing well in your classes!) but you do control what your CV and CL say.