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It's been a journey of several years; I started The MCN in January 2011, to counteract the fact that McGill students were being handily beaten out by Queen's and Ivey students who had been preparing for consulting since early in university.

Since then - the site has grown substantially, with about 1,500 members worldwide, an Advisory Board of consultant and ex-consultants in North America and the Middle East, and dozens of students who have made it through the recruitment process largely due to their own intelligence and initiative but also in small part (I like to think) due to the resources available here. 

That said, after 3 years at Oliver Wyman, I decided to quit and pursue a Master's in Public Policy in Boston. As a result, I will be maintaining the site sporadically without any major overhauls, contrary to what I've been doing over the past few years. I will still be around and happy to help those who are interested in the field, however I have made the decision to go down a different path that will likely not include consulting in my future.

It's been a real privilege to work with so many fantastic students and I've been genuinely touched by the e-mails from students who have benefited from the resources available here. I have no doubt that you will all go on to do great and meaningful things - and I hope that you take the time to help other students through the process as well, because sometimes a person simply needs a helping hand.  

Good luck, guys! And remember: just because things don't work out at first doesn't mean that they won't work out if you keep trying. 

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A quick site update for everyone - we recently updated the site's subscription settings, so that you don't have to register for the site and subscribe to the blog separately. If you register for the site, then you are automatically subscribed to receive blog updates as well, which we think makes a lot more sense. 

If you've already signed up for the site and would prefer not to receive updates, please just click the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of the e-mail. We won't be offended!

And for those of you who haven't been following the blog, here are a few of our most popular posts and resources:

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2. Will mid-sized consulting firms exist in 2015?

3. How to dress like a consultant... on the cheap

4. How to game the system when scheduling your interviews

5. How many hours does a consultant work? 

6. The most common case interview types

7. The inside scoop on recruiters' e-mail addresses

And don't forget to check out our member-only resources, which include the 75+ page '6 Steps to Success'. It's broken out into 6 sections:

Step 1: Learning about consulting

Step 2: Preparing your applications

Step 3: Developing the basics

Step 4: Refining your knowledge

Step 5: Focusing on the details

Step 6: Receiving your offer

Recruiting season is in full-swing at this point. If you know of any friends are colleagues who are interested in breaking into consulting, please pass along the link to the site. As always, the content is completely free. 

Please take a minute to connect with us on Facebook - help spread the word! 



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A big thanks to our loyal fans - who have already provided some great feedback about the new changes. Apart from a complete technical upgrade (faster load times and some nifty new features), the organization of the site has changed. In the past, we had received feedback that the material was awesome but overwhelming for someone without much time to prepare for their interviews. Our content is now organized as follows:


1. Overview - a review of the 5 key steps to gain the most benefit from the site's materials

2. The 6 Steps to Success - the comprehensive, 75+ page guide to the recruitment process (organized in 6 easy-to-follow sections)

3. Published Content - Workshop slides, consulting booklet, and firm-specific advice. The essentials of the recruiting process (if you don't have time to go through the 6 steps to success)