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Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Interviews


Sarah Chang is a Columbia University graduate who will be joining McKinsey later this year. I came across a recent post of hers, and asked for permission to reproduce, which she has graciously agreed to.

She catches on to a few things that many students overlook. I always teach students the art of assumption-question, to always link numbers back to the original questions, to ask "so what?" and other tips and tricks that help you stand out as a candidate. It's a long list but worth the read. Her one mistake? Not numbering her points, in true consultant fashion! 

You can find the original post here and some of her other thoughts and musings on her personal site. I've reproduced the post in full below:



Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Preparing Your Applications

As a student, I was a big fan of Management Consulted. They had a ton of free articles, great advice, and products that were absolutely worth buying. Their list of 'featured posts' covered everything you needed to know, and with Kevin Gao's permission, I reprinted some of his articles on CV and CL writing for the 'Consulting Booklet'. In fact, his work is featured heavily in our 'Expert Blog Content' section. 

Over the past couple of months, I noticed a shift towards much more sensationalist titles ("discover a hidden resource to supercharge your way into the management consulting world"), in-your-face advertising of their bootcamps, and the publication of low-value, high-cost e-books such as 'The Networking Bible' ($95 for people's contacts? Really?).

Here's the thing, though: Kevin no longer runs the site. As of May of 2012, someone else is running the site. This explains the drop in the type of content that shows up on the site, and the comments that I've received from students about it. 

I still think the site is a great resource, and the content posted over the past few years is very valuable. Just take everything that's posted from now on with a grain of salt, and think twice before purchasing any of their new materials. In an upcoming post, I'll simply give you the e-mail format for all the major consulting firms. No need to pay me $95 for the privilege ;)

One of my first managers once told me that the secret to getting things done is to "work smart, not hard". And while success will always require hard work, there are a few things you can do to make the process a little bit smoother for you. Short on time? London Business School has conducted an analysis on the most popular types of case interviews. By studying up on your approach to these types of cases, you can maximize your odds of success.

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Uncategorized

As the membership of The MCN continues to grow (Currently over 200 students, consultants, and recruiters!), I've been getting some great feedback and suggestions for how to improve it. Here are a couple of plans for the future.