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Blog posts tagged in interview performance

Posted by Khaled Kteily on in Preparing For Interviews

I was recently at a case workshop for McGill students and I shared a story about one of my first ever case experiences. I thought that it would be worthwhile to share here as well. The following is an explanation of the right and wrong way to ask a question in a case interview.

Short answer: Unfortunately not!

Long answer: Click through to read why not.

At one firm I interviewed with, the partner pulled out a piece of paper that was so crumpled and faded that it had clearly been used for years. You'll find that interviewers will often re-use the same case over and over again. There's a very good reason why (click on through to see the reasoning)

When you successfully secure a first-round interview, does your CV matter anymore? The answer is not especially. Only candidates with strong CV's will get selected to begin with - transferable skills are important but not especially influential when it comes time to make an offer. But what about your first-round performance? Click through to see why it has more of an impact than you think.